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Sign up for the Philippine Fintech Festival and the World Fintech Festival Philippines

Together, let us shape Asia's Digital Economy.

 The Philippine FinTech Festival and the World Fintech Festival Philippines, under the Digital Pilipinas Festival is happening from October 17 – 21, 2022 at the Green Sun Hotel, Makati City. The event brings together industry leaders, startups, and stakeholders into an ecosystem that advances the country forward through tech. Sign-up today and get your Early Bird Passes!

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1) Full payment is required for registration to be completed and access will be granted only thereafter. Successful registrants will be sent a confirmation email.

2) If you wish to substitute a participant, please inform the organisers at [email protected] at least 2 weeks before the event commences. Substitution requests are subject to the organisers’ approval. No refunds shall be made for cancellations and/or non-attendance.

3) Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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